"They don't just take photos, they capture memories."

Words cannot even begin to express the deepest thanks and appreciation my husband Mike and I have for both Jamie Levine and Subrina Doebar-Hocanin for photographing our wedding, engagement photos and bridal dress fitting. 

"We did not just find wedding photographers, we found lifelong friends. They see the extraordinary in ordinary moments."

They magically freeze time and feelings in unforgettable images. 

With a genuine passion for both photography and love, Jamie and Subrina authentically capture priceless moments throughout the big day and are truly invested in their couples. A unique combination of being incredibly approachable, yet unintrusive, their style and photography is a true reflection of who they are as people - beautiful. 

Their service is incredibly comprehensive, the end results are breathtaking, and their experience is so valuable. Rest assured, every memory will be captured and no feelings won't go unnoticed behind the lens. Their presence exudes an inclusive and comfortable environment - one in which everyone will feel comfortable when cameras are around. 

Kindness, mixed with talent and experience, enables Jamie and Subrina to see things differently, make suggestions and provide reminders so everything runs smooth the day of - and to ensure nothing is forgotten. Always going above and beyond, they ensure every photo, every moment you might think you want or should get, happens. They also capture the unexpected in ways that will bring you to tears - like snow on your wedding day!

Mike and I are forever thankful our special day was captured by two special people. We never thought love, kindness, excitement, spirituality, friendship and the overall wedding weekend experience could be captured - but they did, and did it perfectly. We are forever grateful.  

- Angela O'Brien | TheKnot

"Our photographs came out beautifully"

Jamie is AMAZING! During our entire engagement, he was so accessible and easy to get in touch with. I felt that he was always communicating with me about a shared vision for the special day. All of my married friends told me to make sure we love our photographer because they are near you the entire day, and what can we say - we DO love our photographer and would happily have him at ANY special event of ours!

" Jamie is detailed, organized, fast paced, and has the ability to capture the essence of each special moment."

We were adamant about having a really wonderful photographer. The day goes by so fast and we knew that we would have the memories and photographs for our entire lives. Jamie is detailed, organized, fast paced, and has the ability to capture the essence of each special moment. Our photographs came out beautifully...we are having such a tough time choosing our favorites! He is attuned to the best lighting for both indoor and outdoor spaces. If you are looking for a photographer, Jamie is the best you can find. He is professional, kind, funny, and really just blends right in and truly makes himself a part of the event. We are so grateful he was available for our wedding.

- Cassi Rossi | TheKnot



"Truly helped make our wedding day magical"

Jamie Levine Photography truly helped make our wedding day magical! 

"Their photography is wonderful and they were very accommodating"

which is so important during what can tend to be a stressful time. I would definitely recommend them!

- Peta Murgatroyd | TheKnot

"Love lavished on this wedding"

it is not easy to WOW me... but you know I am WOW'ed when, in the middle of the idyllic honeymoon of my dreams with the man of my dreams, I cannot stop ogling the six hundred-plus proofs that Jamie Levine just sent of our wedding weekend! I met Jamie at Kleinfeld's (he is the only photographer allowed there) and while I did not say "yes to the dress" that day, I said "yes" to the photographer! From that first chance encounter, Jamie impressed me with his enthusiasm, professionalism and (of course) his uncanny ability to get the perfect unposed shot. A single glance at his online reviews convinced me that no other photographer would do -- in fact, Now that I have had the pleasure of working with Jamie, however,

" I can attest that his reviews are not only real, but if anything are UNDERSTATED!"

My wedding involved an entire week of pre-parties, culminating in a packed wedding weekend on a thirty-five acre compound with a lot of moving around and too many personal details to enumerate. Jamie not only captured every perfect moment, but did so ON HIS OWN, unobtrusively, without a single assistant. Instead of stiff, boring table shots, I have an album full of outside-the-box, unplanned and unposed photos that brim with every ounce of the love lavished on this wedding.

- Dawn LaRochelle | TheKnot




"There are no words"

There are no words to describe what an OUTSTANDING job Jamie Levine Photography has done! Jamie, his assistant, and crew from the start has been nothing but exceptional! I had first met Jamie when I had walked into Kleinfelds and went to try on wedding dresses. One of the dresses happened to be a Pnina dress and I was very fortunate to have my dress custom made and actually meet Pnina. 

"From that moment forward I was lucky enough to have Jamie photograph such important memories on that day every girl dreams of having!"

Jamie and I ended up clicking right away and knew I would love to have him photograph such an important and the most special day of my life! After that I had the privilege of having Jamie photograph our engagement shoot in Central Park, New York city. The pictures were just speechless and that day he made us feel so comfortable. 

- Jessica Pollice | TheKnot

"Jamie is an absolutely AMAZING photographer!"

He photographed our engagement photos in Central Park, NY and traveled to Chicago, IL for our January 20, 2018 wedding at the Ivy Room. As we live in Chicago, we were initially unsure about securing a photographer from out of state (especially with a Chicago winter wedding), however from

"the moment we spoke to Jamie, my partner and I felt an instant connection to his warmth, genuineness and professionalism."

Any uncertainty we had quickly remitted and we were unequivocally certain Jamie was the photographer for us! This was further enhanced in our work with him, as he embodies a presence that allowed us to feel comfortable and present in our special moments while he gently directed us to ensure incredible wedding shots. He captured images that included our requested traditional portraits and other "in the moment" photos that will be treasured for many years to come. The lightening and poses he was able to obtain were truly a gift. Jamie's assistant also traveled with him for our special day and she was equally phenomenal. She provided hands on assistance to ensure no detail was missed, including dress positioning, movement of the veil, hand placement, and countless other details that I could have never thought of that ensured quality photos. In addition her demeanor and personality were such a pleasure! We had a lot of moving pieces on our special day, including last minute changes in our ceremony location, a first look with my dad, first look with the groom, three pre ceremony photography sites (Chicago History Museum, Olive Park and CFD-Engine 42) and pre-wedding ceremony photos at the Ivy Room. Jamie and his assistant approached the entire day with ease and flexibility. At one photo location in particular, the entrance to the park was covered in a large puddle and mud. Jamie's assistant scouted the location to ensure it would be worth the crossing. After confirmation from her and a good willed acceptance from Jamie, a wooden plank was placed over the mud and the photography team, wedding planner's assistant and the bridal party crossed the plank. The photos were well worth it! Most of all, I was grateful for the dedication and intentionality shown by Jamie and his team to make these wonderful photos happen. Everyone always says choosing a photographer is the most important decision in your wedding planning and coming from families who love photos this was incredibly important to us. Jamie and his assistant made our photos beyond beautiful and our wedding day more memorable than we could have ever imagined. I would 100% recommend Jamie Levine Photography to any couple who desire working with great individuals with refined skill to ensure love and celebration supremely shine through their wedding day photos!

- Courtney Barrett | TheKnot



"Jamie Levine Photography is a class act!"

I had the pleasure of working with Jamie Levine and Subrina Doebar for engagement photos and the wedding day. Both are so personable, compassionate, and attentive to the couple.

"They make you feel comfortable, they make you feel looked after, and they truly add to the experience. "

Jamie is focused on his work and I have the utmost confidence in him as a professional photographer. Guests kept commenting that they forgot he was there, and I really appreciate this, because I know friends and family were not focused on the picture, they were having an amazing time, and my pictures will capture that. Subrina is sunshine. Subrina looked after me and made me feel like a bride. She had my back no matter the request and I so deeply appreciated her help and her genuine attention. She has vision and she really help guide me in the experience. These two are dynamo and I 100% recommend them for your special day or any special occasion. I feel incredibly fortunate to have worked with Jamie Levine and Subrina Doebar and will always return to them as I know they capture every special moment and will be there with love and support.

- Jasmine Lacoursiere | TheKnot

"I am a bit camera shy, so their calming nature and positive vibes made it much easier!"

After meeting with a few photographers, I chose Jamie Levine photography after choosing my dress at Kleinfeld and hearing all about his amazing work. I can see now why they are one of the best wedding photographers on The Knot! Jamie and Subrina were so incredibly easy to work with and provided us with a variety of photos to chose from. I am a bit camera shy, so their calming nature and positive vibes made it much easier. We did engagement photos in Central Park and my wedding was in Montauk, and

“I truly loved all the photos and actually had a blast during the engagement photos.”

I also loved how they were not invasive like other wedding photographers, as they never took me away from guests to do photos. You don’t really see them during your wedding reception, but once you get the photos you realize they captured all the funny dance moves, romantic kisses, and magical moments. When I first got my wedding proofs, I was at the gym and just broke down in tears I was so moved! It was amazing to re-live that day through the photos. I am so grateful to Jamie and Subrina for their work. Their creative and professional work has now become an everlasting memory of the best day of my life! I highly recommend them to any and all brides!

- Jennifer Seidman | TheKnot


unnamed (4).jpg

"Jamie Levine photography is where you should look"

We just received the pictures from our wedding and we are THRILLED. Not only did Jamie and Subrina capture every single aspect of our day, but they also captured the emotion behind each picture.

“They were incredibly easy to work with and so geunuinely nice.“

Everyone at our wedding commented on how great our photographers were. While looking at our pictures, we couldn’t believe how they got every angle. If you are looking to have amazing photographs from your special day, Jamie Levine photography is where you should look.

- Caitlin Davis | TheKnot

"The second you meet Jamie, the decision is easy!"

The second you meet Jamie, the decision to choose him to photograph your wedding is easy. Jamie and his assistant Subrina are so much fun. They keep your ideas in mind while bringing their own amazing creativity to the table.

 “Jamie is extremely talented, professional, and easy to work with.”

Subrina is attentive, fun, energetic and she felt like she was one of my bridesmaids! They are both easy to communicate and everything was seamless, from beginning to end. Choosing Jamie Levine Photography was one of the best decisions for the wedding we made!

- Thalia Gavriel | TheKnot


"Jamie and his assistant, were truly the epitome of professional"

We were fortunate enough to have Jamie Levine as the photographer for our wedding held on October 7, 2017. He also photographed our engagement at an outdoor venue several months prior. Jamie and his assistant, were truly the epitome of professional and phenomenal photographers. This man has a definite edge for quality and beauty when taking his photos and we are over the top with the results.

“Of course there are standard poses and shots, but Jamie is creative enough to give the “wow” factor to his results.”

We can’t imagine anyone else keeping our memories of the wedding in photos and we hope he will be able to take future venues for our family for many years to come! When it comes to a photographer, there is no one better that is not only 100% accommodating and flexible but beyond warm with a wonderful personality who made everyone feel at ease and comfortable while capturing every magical moment.

- Blair Million | TheKnot

"Jamie and team were absolutely perfect! "

Jamie and team were absolutely perfect! On our first call, I knew he was the right photographer for us. His incredible work drew me in, and his wonderful personality hooked us. My husband and I have been to too many weddings where photographers are blocking guests' view of the ceremony all to get the "perfect" shot. 

“Jamie and team managed very stealthily to get every angle of our Big Day.”

The quality of these shots was worth every penny. I am SO happy we decided on his company. We will cherish these photos for years and years to come.

- Kaitlyn Biddle | TheKnot

"I went into Kleinfeld's and got more than I bargained for!!"

Jamie was recommended by on of the attendants (also his buddy). I didn't have a photographer and she had a book in her room that I looked at. It was perfect. All the shots were candid and not posed which was exactly what I was looking for. My husband hates getting his photos taken and was very self conscious. We did the engagement photos as a tester but they came out beautifully. Jamie has a way of just letting us be but getting the right shots.

“Of course, there was some direction to what do to, but the actual photos didn't seemed forced. It was over quickly and we had wonderful photos.”

The wedding, well that was another story. I knew Jamie's style already, but I still feared I would have someone " in the way" of everyone and that I would constantly be posing. The actuality was that I barely knew Jamie was there! Outside of the getting ready photos and the obligatory family photos - throughout the ceremony and reception, I hardly thought about him. The ending pictures, which I got within 2 days by the way, were AMAZING. I don't know what magic he put on the photos but every single person he shot looked their best. I am literally obsessed with every single photo he sent me. My cousin who recently got married had to wait 6 weeks to get her photos and while most were good as well, we all remember the hassle it was during the wedding to get everyone photographed. Jamie was amazing and I would highly recommend him if you want an unobtrusive photographer that takes candid pictures.

- Meera Sankar | TheKnot

"Jamie was amazing from start to finish!"

He captured the most beautiful shots of our wedding. My husband is camera shy and I worried about getting him to smile or cooperate. Jamie was so understanding and accommodating that

“now we have the most amazing photos together, best photos we've ever had”

and we did not even notice he was there. Very natural and stunning shots, non invasive, and he is very sweet and passionate about his work. We are so happy we booked with Jamie and I would recommend him to anyone who's looking for quality photography!

- Dayna Goehringer | TheKnot



"Jamie and Subrina have been such a blessing!"

Our wedding experience wouldn't have been as wonderful without them being a part of it. Our pictures are amazing. More importantly the individuals that took them made everyone feel comfortable and happy.

“We are so grateful for everything!”

Not to mention they came with us to Rome and words can't even describe how amazing that experience was!

- Analise Blanchard | TheKnot

"We are extremely happy with our wedding pictures "

Jamie and Subrina are talented, creative and they know how to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera We were very pleased with the beautiful and artistic photos they captured on our wedding day-5-21-16 . Our work with them did not end that day. We were lucky enough to be able to do "Trash The Dress" with them and the day was fantastic!!

“The photographs truly capture how talented and how fun they both are!”

We are extremely happy with our wedding pictures and Trash The Dress photos!! We highly recommend Jamie and Subrina!

- Jordana Marshall | TheKnot



"Jamie Levine is an amazing photographer who captures a moment like no other!"

We met Jamie at Kleinfeld’s in New York when we were shopping for my dress. He captured every aspect of my bridals perfectly for my taste and style. He was very patient and took his time making me feel comfortable in front of the camera. After taking bridals with him, I knew I had to have him shoot my special day! I was fortunate enough to have Jamie travel from New York to Louisiana to be able to capture my special day and wouldn’t trade it for anything. 

“Jamie and his assistant fit in right away and were both loved by everyone.”

He was professional and genuine with everything he did for us. He understood the importance of letting us (the bride and groom) still have fun at our wedding but, still capturing all the great moments. Jamie was also very attentive on our requests and made sure it was everything we wanted, and more. I couldn’t ask for a better photographer on my big day.

- Sarah Michelle Diesi | TheKnot

"The type of photographer who listens to your needs "

After looking all over NYC and elsewhere I decided to use Jamie Levine as my daughters photographer! Having been a model and actress for years I found Jamie to be the type of photographer who listens to your needs and who

“captures not only beautiful photos but photos that show the true emotions at the moment they were taken!”

Not only did I find him to be a talented person, but a great human being!

- JoAnna Petrouleas | TheKnot

jamie-levine-photography-metropolitan-club-new-york-wedding (1).jpg